“I would like to say a huge thanks for the training you gave in Cuan Mor. You are very inspiring and passionate. Every one of us walked away that night and learnt something new we could take away to our own work. Karma was in the salon trying out your hair up the very next morning, and I loved your skin fade technique. 

Your ability to train is amazing and make’s people feel more passionate about their job.”



“Iain quite often organised training days so I could learn the most up to date techniques and styles. He even asked me to create a design board with my different ideas, this was a great idea as it got my mind thinking and got me excited with what I could come up with, this actually lead to myself and Iain creating a new hairstyle that we both still use to this day.

I feel that Iain has helped me develop my career and I would not have been able to achieve many of my goals without him.”

Aiden McLaren


“Thanks very much for the demo night. I really enjoyed it as did the other girls from the salon. We all felt like we learned new techniques that we will carry on with our clients.  You explained everything you were doing very clearly and created a relaxing atmosphere which made it easier for us to focus and take everything in.”



“Iain Bruce Low was contracted to a creative team as part of an innovative project/ production for secondary school pupils. Iain led the hair team, inspiring the youngsters to create a look for each model that was bold and ambitious. The pressure was to teach and train the young hair designers in a very short timeframe to be able to work within the high demand atmosphere of a fashion show. It worked.  The participants left the last show having pushed themselves to achieve a potential way beyond their dreams – some said a life changing experience.”