We’re Iain Bruce Low and Annmarie Fraser, a couple in life and a couple in business, with a shared passion for hairdressing.

Between us we have 34 years’ hairdressing experience. Iain loves cutting and colouring hair, Annmarie has a gift for working with long hair and is simply phenomenal at bridal hair.  Together we’re a complete hairdressing team.

We work really hard to stay up to date with the latest trends and hairdressing techniques to ensure our discerning clients are ALWAYS thrilled with the results.

And because we’re so committed to improving hairdressing standards, we’ve also got a well-earned reputation for sharing our knowledge and teaching other hairdressers to be the best they can be too.

So how can we help you? Are you looking for a new hair salon in Oban (if so we can’t wait to meet you). Or if you’re looking for some innovative hairdressing training in Scotland, you’ll find everything you need to know here.